Dissertation Cover
10 Giugno 2018
Virtual reality
10 Giugno 2018

For a university project I took an existent character from a game (in this case Brigitte from Overwatch) to invent skins and a background story, initially Brigitte was present only in the Overwatch comics and not in the game itself, so there weren't present skins, or anything else about the character, I couldn't imagine she would become a part of the game itself, in fact I made these skins and various on November 2017, when the name of Brigitte was new for the Overwatch community. Anyway the project was based on a story inspired by the Tresure Planet from Walt Disney, with a villain similar to an anthropomorphous shark and a cute small robot who help the Brigitte character during her adventures.


Oxford Brookes University


November, 2017


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