Drawing with passion


My name is
Eleonora Carello

I'm Eleonora aka LadyWilliam. I started drawing when I was really young, I deeply loved doing it and I kept going and here we are! Starting with simple lines I quite enjoyed various techinques, from traditional to digital, I came out with different styles using various programs like Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint PRO and Paint Tool SAI.
I studied in Italy until 18 years old, graduated in art school, I left my country to study in the United Kingdom in the Illustration, Narrative and Sequential Ba (Hons) course of Oxford Brookes University. While studying I developed an interest for the video game field so I started to create various character designs and visual games to improve my skills. I would like to work in this field because I'm really fascinated by it and it would be amazing to be a part of this virtual world! That's me and I hope you enjoyed your journey on my website!